Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver introduces Bluetooth connectivity to any headphones


smartbeanThere are times in life when we do not see the need to actually perform an upgrade to our existing hardware or car, simply because we love the current model, and have no need for something newer and better. However, technology moves at such a breakneck speed, that whatever is deemed as top of the range today might end up as obsolete just a short few months down the road. Let’s say you have a really good pair of headphones that you purchased a couple of years back, and love it to bits. Now that everyone’s jumped aboard the wireless bandwagon, what choice have you? Enter the $39.99 Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver, where it is capable of turning your favorite pair of headphones into a Bluetooth-compatible model.

The audio controls on the Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver would let you adjust the volume level, pause, and skip tracks, with the ability to switch seamlessly between audio and phone functions to boot. It will also be able to work with a speaker if you so desire, despite being designed for headphones primarily. Sporting a wireless range of 30 feet, the Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver has a rechargeable battery that delivers approximately 6 hours of talk time on a full charge.

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