WaterField Designs introduces CitySlicker Mini Jambox speaker case


cityslickerI know that something as precious as a brand new flagship smartphone or a new tablet for your portable computing needs definitely require a protective case of some sort. You know, just in case you happen to be absent minded at that point in time and bump your iPad against the corner of the desk, or heaven forbid, your sweaty palms actually give way to the smooth back of your smartphone as it adheres to the gravitational pull of the earth and plunges to the floor. How about speakers? Do speakers actually need a case of some sort, or do you simply stuff it into a bag after wrapping it with a T-shirt? WaterField Designs feels strongly about speakers getting their fair amount of protection, which is why the CitySlicker Mini Jambox speaker case was birthed.

Having the relevant experience as an innovative manufacturer of custom laptop sleeves, and designer bags and cases for digital gear, their latest foray would be the CitySlicker Mini Jambox speaker case. The CitySlicker will carry the Jawbone Mini Jambox around alongside its fair share of cables, all within a sturdy, pocket-sized case. It is made out of durable black ballistic nylon, comes in sumptuous distressed leather and shock-absorbing padding, ensuring that it is a home that flatters Yves Behar’s latest Jambox design.

The CitySlicker’s interior would boast of a custom-sized, soft, padded liner which will offer a cushion for the Mini Jambox. There is also a stretchable, semi-opaque back pocket that will hold the connector cable and charger, alongside a self-locking zipper to make sure that they remain in place as you travel in a neat manner. The CitySlicker’s ballistic nylon exterior would also offer exterior protection for the Mini Jambox, especially against accidental scuffs, all the while ensuring that the speaker remains looking as good as new. Right at the bottom of the case, there is also an ingeniously-placed loop so that users can easily slide the Mini Jambox out of its cushioned cocoon.

The flap itself is made out of premium, naturally-tanned, distressed leather, where it can snap into place to create a handsome look that exudes style. The asking price for the CitySlicker Mini Jambox Case stands at $49 a pop if you are interested as shipping commences from April 2nd onward.

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