ToneFone won’t let you escape a workout regimen


We keep telling ourselves that we’re going to drop those winter pounds, and keep up with jogging or going to the gym. One week of not feeling well can kill that pretty quickly if you don’t have a good exercise buddy. If you’re wanting to target one aspect of your body, then you might try and find a way to incorporate a workout into your daily regimen that you won’t even notice after a while.

If you’re wanting to tone up your arms a touch, then lifting weights will help with this. However, we’re not going to carry around a dumbbell all day. Unless your phone is acting as one. The ToneFone is a weighted iPhone 5/5s case that will make sure you don’t forget a single day of lifting. Any time you want to pick up your phone or have a long conversation will now be a test of willpower and strength.

This case is made of 100% steel that has been coated in a durable and grippy rubber that is only available in white. You can choose whether you want to put yourself through carrying around a 2.2 or 3.3 pound case which will cost you $32-35 depending on your choice. The obvious drawbacks are getting annoyed with this and taking it off as it will weigh down your bag, the case is going to eventually get dirty, and it’s a bit questionable as to whether or not your phone will be safe attached to a weight. Surely you’re not going to drop it more because it weighs more, right?

Available for preorder on desirablebody, found via gizmodiva

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jay Says: March 26, 2014 at 12:09 pm

That’s a lot of weight you’re lifting, guaranteed to see results fast!

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