The Droplet Sprinkler – Waste not, want not


In a time where we need to manage our money very carefully as to not end up at the poverty line, it pays to be efficient. There’s no point in turning up the heat too much when it’s cold out, blasting the AC, or letting a sprinkler run for an entire day. We want to use just enough of everything so that we don’t have astronomical bills, and can keep up our appearances of maintaining a household without overdoing it.

Of course, very few of us have the time to micromanage every little aspect of our homes. If you like having a pristine looking yard, then you likely use a sprinkler system. If you wished your water bill could be reduced without having to water everything manually, then you might like the Droplet Sprinkler. This will water the yard for you with precise, articulated movements without watering a sidewalk or patch of grass that doesn’t actually need it.

This system is very pricey at $300, but it’s one of those purchases that will pay for itself after prolonged use. After plugging this in and hooking it up to your garden hose, you can tell it via smartphone, tablet, or PC what kind of plants are in your yard. From there, it will use its own discretion to keep your plants alive. Seeing that is pulls from over 10,000 weather stations online data, it will know when, where, and how much water to deliver. As this is so precise, it will also be able to single out potted plants as well.

Available for preorder on Amazon, found via technabob

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