Digital Storm VANQUISH II gaming PC set to blow your mind away


digitalstorm-vanquish-2Gamers do take their hobbies very seriously, which is why from time to time, they do their bit to ensure that their gaming PCs are upgraded with nothing but the very best hardware that is in the industry, or at the very least, what their current budget permits. Digital Storm has certainly whipped up a storm (pardon the expression) with the unveiling of the brand new Vanquish II gaming PC that has been specially developed in order to play most of the demanding games that are out there in the market today, and then some.

Apart from that, the Vanquish II from Digital Storm does go to show that you need not have to spend a fortune on a gaming computer to get started. Sure, the base model with a price tag of $699 might prove to be more expensive than the Xbox One or Sony PS4, but PC gaming has always carried with it a different dimension as opposed to pure console gaming, at least according to my experience so far.

For instance, a “good” configuration will feature an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 1GB graphics card and Intel Core i3 4330 processor, while those with some more money to spare will be able to end up with an “Ultimate” build that has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 2GB graphics card and Intel Core i5 4570 processor, allowing the Vanquish II to deliver a truly immersive gaming experience.

As for the future, you need not worry since Vanquish II is fully upgradeable and boasts of an open architecture so that gamers will be able to remain ahead of the competition thanks to easy upgrades which will ensure that the system remains on the cutting edge for years to come, hence doing away with your need to add more upgrades so soon after purchase. All Vanquish II units will ship within 72 hours from the moment an order is placed. What are you waiting for?

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