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Ah breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Who does’t love some gorgeous farm fresh eggs, nestled up to some fluffy hash browned potatoes, with a strip, or 5 of crispy bacon? Wouldn’t it be fun to live the country life, and be able to walk to your backyard in the morning to gather your very own farm fresh eggs? Well, the folks over at Brookstone think it would be…

Check out the Habitat Chicken Coop, forget the frogs, and ecospheres Brookstone has always been famous for, now they’re bringing you a real live chicken-condo. Whether you already have a few hens hanging around your back 40, or you’d like to enter the world of chicken farming, this quaint little hen house will let you keep your chicks in style. The Habitat Chicken Coop has a rustic farmhouse look, and has been designed to keep your chicks cozy, and safe from predators.

The Habitat Chicken Coop comes in red, is made of wood, and has a slanted roof to keep the rain out. It will comfortably hold up to four hens and comes complete with a large nesting box for your new friends to lay their eggs in, and a quick and easy lift up lid that lets your harvest your eggs in seconds. No rooster required.

The coop comes with all hardware and detailed instructions included. You are going to have to spend some time putting it together, but it seems pretty straight forward. So if you’d like to have a few fowl friends, you can get the Habitat Chicken Coop from our buddies over at for well under 300 bucks. Me? I’m waiting for the pig habitat… cause I don’t need eggs without some crispy, crispy bacon.

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