The Plus Minus Zero 1-Slice Toaster helps with meals in moderation


Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day. It can help you wake up and face your daily tasks bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Although, what normally ends up happening is that we’ll grab coffee on the way into work, and forget about anything else until lunch. If you do actually have time to make breakfast, it normally comes out with something along the lines of toast and eggs.

If you enjoy toast, but hate that you can only buy a toaster that has two slots when you only eat one, there is a minimalist toaster out there for you. The Plus Minus Zero 1-Slice Toaster is pretty straightforward in what it does, but is perfect for those who don’t like having an asymmetrical way to make breakfast. This compact toaster is very sleek and simple, as it has an unobtrusive logo on the side, a dial in the front to choose how toasted you would like your bread, and the lever to push it down.

This is available in white, red, or brown, and will cost around $78. While this is a neat idea, you would think that it would be much cheaper. It’s easy enough to go to a grocery store and get a 2-slot version for around $10-15. This very likely is sold to the niche market that doesn’t want more than one piece of toast in the mornings, and has money to toss out the window.

Available for purchase on the JapanTrendShop

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Frank Kauer Says: March 4, 2014 at 9:51 pm

THIS item is worthy of a write up in
absolute fail

Alice Says: June 6, 2014 at 4:50 pm

I would be happy to pay more for something that’s small and well designed.

Most toasters are bloated and ugly.

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