The Dash – the world’s first wireless smart in-ear headphones


The Dash
While we love our music, not everyone around us wants to listen to it too. This is where having a nice pair of headphones comes in. We get more out of our tunes with quality headphones or ear buds because we can hear every crisp note. If our devices are becoming smarter and smarter, shouldn’t that hold true for this aspect as well?

Maybe no one thought to do it until now, but The Dash is certainly doing it right. This is the world’s first pair of wireless smart in-ear headphones that do everything you could hope for and more. They have 4GB of storage which translates to about 1,000 songs (you don’t even need your phone during a run!), an accelerometer to keep track of your steps and distance during a workout, heart and temperature monitors, and so much more. These can be used up to 1m underwater, as a headset or walkie-talkie, and everything is controlled through gestures near the ear buds or by tapping on them.

After testing the shapes of hundreds of different ears, they created three sleeves sized at small, medium, and large  for this device so that it will have a snug fit. The ear bone microphone should be able to pick up your words clearly, and you can choose to completely eliminate exterior sound, or make sure it’s louder than whatever you’re listening to. Its battery can last about 3 hours on less than a one hour charge, and it has an SDK available for those who like to tinker with what it can do. Putting down $179-199 will get you a pair of these super-powered headphones.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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