Brookstone Waterproof Speaker – you can’t stop the beat


Brookstone Waterproof Speaker

While we love listening to music, our devices can’t follow us everywhere we go. Most pairings of water and gadgets generally aren’t a good idea, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. We’ll turn our tunes on full blast while taking a shower, or sit our phones on the edge of the tub, leading to possible disaster. If you’d prefer not to need a replacement for your gizmos, then you might want a waterproof speaker.

The Brookstone Waterproof Speaker can provide you with booming beats in and out of the water. It is Bluetooth enabled, so it can be paired up with your smartphone or tablet. As stated previously, this is submersible, but it shouldn’t go any lower than 3 feet, as it too has limitations. This would be perfect for singing in the shower, ambient sound for a bath, or by the pool whenever mother nature decides that it’s time to warm up.

This is capable of a 33 foot range, and has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for around 20 hours off of one charge. It has the ability to be hung up or stand on its own to fit whatever occasion you face. While there aren’t specifics about the quality of the speakers, it will certainly be better than your phone, especially when it’s on the other side of a shower curtain. This carries a price tag of $73, and of course will be a little extra thanks to shipping.

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