FishHunter brings fishing into the modern world


There’s a tranquility to fishing that can’t be found elsewhere. You can’t exactly rush a fish into biting, nor do you know exactly where to toss your line. Experience helps, but it can only get you so far. If you see this activity as a more competitive hobby, then you likely don’t just want to sit around and wait for the fish to come to you.

The FishHunter will make sure that you can pinpoint where a fish is thanks to its military grade sonar transducer. In the interest of making it portable, that technology has been shrunken down so it can fit inside of a rubber ball. Tie a line to it, toss it out, and it will float along giving you an idea of what the bottom of any body of water is like. As it sends its data via Bluetooth, you’ll be able to get real time information on your smartphone.

Information such as the temperature of the water, depth of the fish, and the app will give you a plethora of info about your immediate area. This is meant for those who are fairly serious about fishing, as it costs around $180. Included with the FishHunter is a charging station, USB cord, and a carrying bag. This would be a dream come true to finally be able to catch that giant fish in the lake that snapped your line as a kid. Although, you’ll need to be prepared that it’s likely not the monster shark that you thought it was.

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