SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player all set to rock your world


sansa-clipsportDedicated MP3 players are no longer all the rage these days, although at one point in time, they seemed to be the “must have” gadget among tech enthusiasts. I do suppose that the presence and introduction of MP3 playback on the smartphone platform has something to do with this, which meant that the normal standalone MP3 player has been relegated to an afterthought, just like a dedicated GPS device right now. SanDisk, however, feels that there still is a market for MP3 players, which is why they have come up with the SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player. This unique device has been specially designed to deliver a lightweight build and a clip that allows you to attach it to clothes in a secure manner.

Other than your favorite tunes that are being played back, the SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player will also let you enjoy audiobooks on the move, and just in case your playlist has been exhausted, there is always the option to tune in to your favorite radio station.

So far, SanDisk has sold nearly 30 million MP3 players in the past until now, and they hope to continue this solid tradition with the Clip Sport. You will be able to choose from half a dozen colors to suit your taste and wardrobe, where it will also boast of a 25 hour battery life – this means you can play back tunes the entire day and night without having it give up the ghost. Practically speaking, it ought to take a few days of listening (just a few hours for each day) before you send it to the nearest power outlet for charging. Just in case there isn’t enough internal memory on the Clip Sport MP3 player, you can always thrown in a memory card for expansion purposes. Depending on the model that you choose (4GB to 16GB), the SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player will retail anywhere from $39.99 to $69.99.

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HiHat Says: February 12, 2014 at 11:03 am

I don’t suppose this little puppy sports Bluetooth, does it?

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