Xbox One Stereo Headset set to rock and roll


xbox-one-headset-stereoI am quite sure that seasoned gamers would have experienced such a scenario before – you have arrived home late from the office, and most of the household inhabitants have already called it a night, where some of them are even snoring away on their beds without a care in the world. You? You just want to melt away the day’s stress, so what better way to do so than to play some video games? If you have picked up an Xbox One recently, you would have had your fair share of next generation gaming, where some of these sessions can last throughout the night and all the way into the morning. If you live alone, that is fine and dandy, but if you have a mate, then he or she might not appreciate all the explosions that are played through the speaker. Wearing a pair of headphones makes perfect sense then, which is why the Xbox One Stereo Headset is now announced officially.

The Xbox One Stereo Headset will be released across Xbox One markets worldwide in early March, where this particular Stereo Headset will offer a premium audio experience, regardless of whether it is for games or chat audio. Your ears will be able to enjoy a full-range (20Hz – 20kHz) audio spectrum so that you will experience the deepest bass and the clearest high frequencies.

Apart from that, the Xbox One Stereo Headset will also boast of a unidirectional microphone for clear voice capture as you bark out commands to your team mates in a frenetic online battle, while the over-the-ear speakers to keep you comfortable during extended gaming sessions with your Xbox One without you having to suffer the ignominy of “ear burn”. The Xbox One Stereo Headset will ship with a detachable Stereo Headset Adapter, where the latter places all of the audio controls right at your fingertips. The Xbox One Stereo Headset and Stereo Headset Adapter will retail for $79.99 and $24.99.

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