Strain Relieving Eye Massager helps soothe the day’s stress away


strain-relieving-eye-massagerMany of us work in front of a computer these days, and it goes without saying that the strain on our eyes could prove to be detrimental to our health in the long run. Taking frequent breaks throughout the day comes across as highly recommended, but what happens when you have to go through an entire week’s worth of spreadsheets with 5 hour nights just to sleep? All of it will take a toll on even the healthiest person, and perhaps it is time to call for reinforcements from the outside. Case in point, the $129.95 Strain Relieving Eye Massager from Hammacher.

The Strain Relieving Eye Massager happens to be a massage mask which will rely on mist, gentle vibration, and warmth in order to relax and soothe the eyes. It has a 2 oz. reservoir that will be able to accept tap or distilled water, where it will then be ultrasonically converted into an oxygen-rich mist which will hydrate and nourish the orbital area and temples, further reducing strain around the eyes. Apart from that, thanks to its integrated massager pulses that boasts of a couple of intensity settings, it ought to do its bit to alleviate eye fatigue with soothing vibration that relaxes and calms. The mask’s lower frame delivers a pair of settings of soothing heat (104° F and 107.6°F) for the upper cheek bones which will further increase circulation. You can choose to use mist, vibration, and heat individually or all at once, where all of it is controlled from the tethered remote. The Strain Relieving Eye Massager will be powered by a trio of AA batteries.

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