Percussive Shoulder Massager thumps the stress out of you


percussive-shoulder-massagerIt goes without saying that the modern day life can prove to be extremely stressful, so much so that we more often than not need to take long breaks from our work in order to recharge and rejuvenate. Well, what happens when it is nigh impossible to take some time off from your work to do so? Perhaps there is a solution that can be done at home, and this is what the $169.95 Percussive Shoulder Massager attempts to do without cramping or restricting your movement while you are at home.

With the Percussive Shoulder Massager, this particular device will be worn on the shoulders where it delivers automatic, percussive massage in order to soothe sore muscles in those hard-to-reach locations all by yourself. Sporting a couple of Velcro straps which would enable you to wear it like a tank top, and with its dual finger-like nodes that deliver soothing piston-like strokes which are capable of penetrating deep into muscles, hopefully it will be able to relieve tightness and improve circulation so that swelling is reduced. The straps themselves can be adjusted accordingly to enable proper positioning to pinpoint areas of the neck, upper back, and shoulders, while the massage nodes come encased in smooth bicast leather which will remain soft against the skin. Each purchase comes with a tethered controller with an LED display and a four-button control panel for you to choose from 10 levels of massage intensity and 11 pre-programmed massage patterns.

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