Samsung air conditioner design takes the triangular route


samsung-triangle-acYou know what they say – don’t reinvent the wheel. How then, do you improve on something that is already more or less perfect? The air conditioner design that just about all of us are used to happens to be rectangular in nature, but the folks over at Samsung have taken a slightly more adventurous route by reimagining it to come in a triangle form factor. This particularly exclusive design and engineering capability allows it to deliver powerful cooling performance and cleaner air quality thanks to built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

The new Samsung air conditioner is also known as the AR09HSSFAWK where model names are concerned, where its striking triangular design is touted to pave the way for a wider inlet, wider outlet and bigger fans all the while allowing it to maintain a compact exterior profile so that it can enhance the overall air conditioning experience. How is that possible? Well, by thinking out of the box, this special triangular design will be able to deliver improved performance by circulating cool air faster, farther and wider, all the while having Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology deliver significantly greater energy efficiency. Not only that, there is also the presence of “Virus Doctor” and “Easy Filter” features which do their bit by eliminating dust, contaminants, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

The designers of this air conditioner have done their bit to make sure it is exceptionally efficient, where air is cooled and expelled faster (26%), farther (14m meters) and wider (2 x wider), so that it will be able to reach every corner of a room in no time at all. If this particular day is an extremely hot one, fret not. There is the Fast Cool mode that allows this air conditioner to cool any room in a jiffy, before it will automatically change to Comfort Cool mode so that it can maintain the desired temperature. Talk about smart!

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Dave Sanderson Says: February 4, 2014 at 12:01 pm

These designs seem to be pretty popular with consumers lately. They’re sleek, less noticeable, and can actually add something to the aesthetics of a place. Home run, Samsung!

stephen fell Says: May 23, 2014 at 9:27 am

Hi it reads good it looks good but is it noisy? How quite is it in comparison to others regards

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