Unbreakable Walking Stick Self Defense Umbrella is stronger than you think


unbreakable-walking-stick-self-defense-umbrellaAnyone who has watched one of those martial arts movies from the Far East would know that despite Orientals being depicted as scrawny and small sized, their innate knowledge of kung fu as well as all the mysteries associated with it are more than enough leverage to topple even the biggest quarterback in a fight. If you have not watched Ip Man as well as its sequel which stars Donnie Yen, might I suggest you take a look in that direction. Most of the time, an everyday item would come in handy to defend yourself against a bunch of thugs, where even an umbrella is able to do the trick. The thing is, modern day umbrellas are not exactly the strongest items out there, are they? Hence the $119.99 Unbreakable Walking Stick Self Defense Umbrella.

It looks like any other black umbrella out there, and is also legal to carry since it protects you from the rain. The thing is, it also comes across as a steel pipe in disguise. In fact, it can double up as a large blunt weapon at your whim and fancy, and does not run out of bullets, works great in close quarter combat assuming you have the technical know how, and would not require you to own a license and go for target practice. Keep it at home or in the car as the perfect self-defense device.

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