The Peephole Reverser – Who’s in There?



There are a few things in this world we don’t even notice anymore. Take, for instance, the peephole. Almost every hotel room door has one. Your front door is likely to have one, and while we may sometimes use them in order to determine who has come a-knocking on our doors, we never really think too much about who could actually be looking right back in at us.

Case in point, let me introduce you to the the Peephole Reverser. That’s right, all the while you were prancing around your last hotel room in your under-roos, anyone with a Peephole Reverser could have been peeking back inside your private space, ogling your nether regions and making ready for you-tube movies of you, let’s say, jumping on the bed. (not that any of this has happened to me personally)

This, um, intrusive Peephole Reverser was originally developed in order to enable police officers to assess potential threats and view real-time activity behind a closed door when that door contained a peephole. However, now, this unique product allows anyone the ability to have a clear view directly into someones home, hotel room, or apartment. Hmmm…

The Reverse Peephole viewer is effective on all major brands of standard door peepholes and is sure to make you the hit of the party, or at least of the holding cell you wind up in. So if you’d actually like to be able to have a ± 15°  viewing angle through doors , and a depth of view of approx 10 feet… get yourself a Peephole Reverser, for around 75 bucks at, and if you don’t actually want one… please always remember that someone out there already has one!

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