USB Pollen Blocker looks zany, hopefully it works great


usb-bee-pollen-hoodTrust the folks over in Japan to come up with something crazy from time to time, and here we are with the $56 USB Pollen Blocker that is a surefire way of getting you noticed whenever you are around at the office. After all, who the heck wears a mask like this at work? It might sound nuts, but the USB Pollen Blocker is actually justified in its existence, since each year would see the general Japanese populace get attacked by pollen, and this more or less happens during the spring. Thanko hopes that with the introduction of the USB Pollen Blocker, one’s eyes and nose will be protected against the irritating pollen.

Granted, the USB Pollen Blocker would look a whole lot like a beekeeper’s mask as well as a hazmat suit, where it is touted to offer 99.9% protection from the pores in the air, as though you are in your very own clinical isolation chamber. It comes with a USB-powered fan on top so that the entire shebang will not mist up, all the time ensuring that nasty pollen will not enter into your breathing path. It works great at work, as the visor boasts of a large viewing area so that you can still see what goes on in front of the computer.

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