Corkcicle One helps your wine remain cool in an innovative manner


corkcicle-oneWhen it comes to wine, this is one subject matter that is practically inexhaustible in nature. With so many different wines in the market, not to mention their rich and storied history, it would virtually take a lifetime to figure everything out, and by then, you would not have learned all there is to it. I say just pay good money and enjoy your wine, and leave all the knowledge to other folks to think about. One thing about wines though, is you would need to keep them well chilled in order to draw the best flavor. Here is a unique tool that can help you out in your quest – the £34.99 Corkcicle One.

The Corkcicle One holds the distinction of being the first in-bottle wine chilling cork in the world. It basically will aerate as you pour, which further enhances the aroma of your tipple. Apart from that, each purchase of the Corkcicle One would be accompanied by its very own extravagant glass freezer case, allowing it to cool your wine to absolute perfection. It is a surefire method to turn wine snobs green with envy the next time they drop by your pad for a party or dinner. Not only that, the Corkcicle One would also do away with wet ice buckets and unsightly cooling sleeves.

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