The Canadiano Coffee Brewer is perfect for picky coffee consumers


If you drink a lot of the same food or beverage, you’ll eventually be able to pick out the finer points of how it tastes. Wine is a wonderful example, as there is an overwhelming amount of options available, but two things can taste almost identical to the untrained tongue. Coffee is very similar, and while we consume mass quantities of this drink daily, it’s hard to not be a little swept up in the quality of the beans and method of brewing.

Each method yields slightly different results, and for those who want a perfect cup of brew, then nothing less than the best will do. The Canadiano Coffee Brewer is a fine example of elitist preparation practices. Keep in mind that I’m not saying that with a negative connotation, as I enjoy being a bit of a coffee snob, but if you’re going to spend anywhere from $45-75 on a single-cup brewing method, then you can’t say you’re not being a tad bit elitist.

This is a wood and metal combination that will allow your cup of joe to improve over time as it will be drawing from the oil in the coffee beans of cups past consumed. They are a bit specific about what types of coffee should be brewed in which kind of Canadiano Brewer, “The Walnut edition is crafted and designed for use with darker roasts and earthier flavors such as beans from South East Asia. Maple and Cherry is designed for beans with slight citrus hints and nutty taste.” For those who have the refined taste, this will be a pleasant edition to your day, otherwise, it’s a lot of money to put down for no reason.


Available for purchase on canadiano, found via redferret

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