Programmable LED Message Board helps you get the message across


programmable-led-msg-boardThere are moments at the office when you do not want to be disturbed. Hence, you would place a sign over your desk so that your co-workers would be able to know that you would need your alone time. The thing about such signs is, you would have to discard these signs once your “status” changes. Well, what happens when you have a message board that can be programmed to display whatever you like? This is what the $24.99 Programmable LED Message Board is all about, where it is more or less guaranteed to be able to attract people’s attention right from the get go.

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS 10.7+ operating systems, the Programmable LED Message Board will feature 5 different scrolling modes – namely left, right, up, down, freeze, and flash. Not only that, it has enough memory to stash away 8 different messages, allowing you to flip and interchange between the frequently used ones as and when you need them. Apart from that, it is capable of supporting up to a dozen bitmap images for custom graphic messages, and boasts of 3 brightness levels for you to choose from. It will need to remain connected to your computer via USB if it were to work.

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