HeatTrak Snow and Ice Heated Stair Mat makes winter seem a little warmer


HeatTrak Snow and Ice Heated Stair Mat
We’ve all had the pleasure of slipping and falling on our bums at least once or twice during the cold months. You can’t stop the snow and ice from coming, but you can find ways to make it less of a crap shoot to live through. We salt our driveways, bundle up in extra layers, and shovel snow, but when you get to the front steps, they’re laden with ice.

If you want to avoid this deathtrap that seems like the final stretch home, you’ll need something more than a bit of salt. The HeatTrak Snow and Ice Heated Stair Mat is so ingenious that I wish I’d thought of it. They run off of electricity, and are made of reinforced SBR rubber, which is about as hearty as the rubber on your tires. That means they can withstand whatever the weather may be.

You don’t have to worry about installation, as you only need to set them down and plug them in. They come with a six foot power cord, and each mat is connected by a cable. They’re 10×30”, and can be daisy-chained together. One will cost you around $90, but it will be more than that with the constant addition to your electricity bill. You’ll also need to be wary of someone fancying them and carrying them off as they’re not exactly hard to move around. While they are an excellent idea, it’s one that might not be useful enough to justify the cost.

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Vicki Says: January 20, 2014 at 2:54 am

Talk about a slam dunk concept … I can’t believe nobody has been able to bring something similar to market before this!

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