Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth takes the wireless route


powermate-bluetoothGriffin Technology has taken the step to introduce an upgrade to its PowerMate device, by throwing in wireless connectivity in the form of the Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth. This is stylish power tool for both the novice and pro computer user, where one might take a glance at it and wonder just what the heck does it do. I suppose you are able to describe it to be a clickable knob, as the PowerMate Bluetooth can be programmed for it to execute a wide range of key commands in virtually any application. Apart from that, users are able to streamline routine tasks including editing home movies like a pro, scroll through long (and hopefully not boring!) documents, or creating audio masterpieces.

The PowerMate Bluetooth will function beautifully as a convenient volume knob and mute button for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Mac computers, but that would just be scratching the surface. PowerMate has been preset to play nice with iMovie and GarageBand right out of the box, which would make editing a painless and quick affair.

It will not remain within the confines of the multimedia department though, since users will also be able to follow the easy instructions in order to add custom commands within their preferred applications. You can opt to spin PowerMate like a wheel so that you can move through large multimedia files in a jiffy, in addition to spreadsheet and word processor documents, or opt to click it like a mouse to select text or perform commands.

The PowerMate Bluetooth has a gleaming brushed aluminum exterior, where it will sport a soothing blue glowing base. You will be able to take control of the behavior of this pulsing LED in order to know the current system status at a glance. Multiple PowerMates can be paired using Bluetooth connectivity, hence kissing goodbye to entangled wires and the ilk. Expect the PowerMate Bluetooth to arrive later this summer for $59.99 a pop.

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