Thermal Imaging Monocular is costly, brings high tech viewing to the ordinary


thermal-monocularIt is not every day that you get a monocular that will allow you to observe subjects using thermal imaging technology, but when such a day arrives, you know for sure you would have to blow the monthly budget for it. Case in point, the $2,500 Thermal Imaging Monocular. This particular Thermal Imaging Monocular will be different from binoculars which normally rely upon visible light or night vision devices that happen to be affected by bright light exposure, as it will feature an uncooled, amorphous silicone microbolometer that is capable of detecting infrared thermal signatures from up to 500 yards away.

Specially designed for nighttime use as well as daytime use in inclement weather, the Thermal Imaging Monocular is able to “see through” rain, snow, fog, smoke, and vegetation, and it will work between -4° F and 122° F and up to 90% humidity, making it a tool under all circumstances. Other hardware specifications include 2X optical zoom, ±5 diopter eyepiece adjustment, and a 316-foot field of view at 500 yards, allowing the scope to be able to acquire subjects in a jiffy and easily for observation, showing them off on a .31″ OLED in high contrast black and white at 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

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