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Handheld technology is amazing. I have every gadget and gizmo available to keep me entertained,  but I don’t really like having to pay for content. I’ve been searching for a device that would act as a sort of personal DVR, that would allow me to record live TV and take it with me…Maybe I’ve been looking for the wrong thing!

Check out the Dyle Mobile TV Receiver produced by Belkin, which can transform your iPhone 4/4S or iPad into a portable television, giving you access to regular broadcast TV, including news, entertainment and sports! and, with a mobile signal, you can walk, or even ride the bus, and still able to watch your beloved TV. You simply can’t do that with a traditional over-the-air TV signal. Best of all, this receiver Works Without Wi-Fi or a data plan!

The Dyle mobile TV Receiver connects directly to  your 30 pin i-device and then connects to Dyle mobile TV without requiring an Internet connection. So now you can grab some live TV, without having to sit in the library or local coffeehouse, and actually be able to watch, where you want to most, like waiting at the doctors office, or in line at motor vehicles, and you avoid spotty Wi-Fi connections and those pesky data overage charges.

Dyle Mobile TV is NOT currently available in all areas of the U.S, but the coverage is constantly expanding, it is likely that you can receive broadcast TV in most major metropolitan areas, but please check with to verify service, and if you DO have coverage, you can get a receiver at for just over a hundred bucks.

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Eva Huang Says: March 24, 2014 at 7:21 pm

I read your website,and think that you will need Nokia mobile tv receiver SU-33W,which works hand-in-hand with the compatible Nokia mobile device to let customers surf the airwaves for their favorite entertainment. TV, movies, news and more, anywhere they have mobile DVB-H coverage.
We have lots of this products in stock,If you are interested in them,pls kindly reply to get more info from me.
I would appreciate it if you can reply to me as soon as possible.

Eva Huang

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