The Extendable Magnetic Flashlight can search out hard-to-reach places for lost items


The moment your hand brushes against your keys and they begin to slide to the back edge of the table, your adrenaline rises. You know that if you don’t act quickly enough, they’re going to to teeter on the edge and fall into the abyss (aka behind the table it’s on). Even if you don’t catch it in time there’s a way to retrieve it, but if it’s behind a more permanently installed item such as a washer or dryer, it’s not going to be fun to go after.

This happens to all of us with a variety of everyday items or tools. Your first utensil to start the rescue mission is a flashlight, and from there something to snag and retrieve your item. If you find that more often than not it is a metal object that could be drawn to a magnet, then the Extendable Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight will be just what you’re looking for. It might look like a regular flashlight on the outside, but it can extend to close to two feet long, and has a magnetic tail and head so you can pick up smaller or heavier items alike.

It has 3 LEDs for the light portion, and the head has 360 degree directional rotation on a bendable neck so it can adjust exactly how you need it. There is a pocket/belt clip so you can have it at the ready in case this sort of thing happens more often than you’d like. Made of aluminum, you can choose the body to be silver, blue, red, or pink. It’s a pretty handy tool that will cost you around $21.

Available for purchase on impeltronics, found via redferret

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Alex Says: January 7, 2014 at 7:13 pm

For only $21, this flashlight seems worth the money, never heard about flashlight that comes with magnetic function before.

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