Samsung rolls out world’s first 8Gb LPDDR4 Mobile DRAM


samsung-8gb-ramSamsung has already chalked up plenty of feathers in its proverbial hat, and this time around, they have yet another one to add to their burgeoning collection. The company is already a world leader when it comes to consumer electronics, and this time around, they have announced the first 8Gb LPDDR4 (low power double data rate) mobile DRAM in the world which will (fingers crossed) usher in the next-generation of ultra-fast mobile memory in order to meet ever growing market demand. Just how will this particular advancement change the way we use mobile electronics for the better? Read on after the jump to find out.

The all new high-speed 8Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM is touted to deliver the highest level of density, performance and energy efficiency for mobile memory applications, so that end users will be able to enjoy faster, more responsive applications, additional advanced features, and higher resolution displays, all without draining one’s battery life in a short amount of time.

The 8Gb LPDDR4 will be fabricated on 20-nanometer (nm) class process technology, where one is able to obtain up to 1 gigabyte (GB) of storage space on a single die, making it the largest density available for DRAM components in the market at the moment. A quartet of the 8Gb chips will see a single 4GB LPDDR4 package such as this offer the highest level of performance that can be found.

Not only that, Samsung’s latest 8Gb LPDDR4 will also utilize a Low Voltage Swing Terminated Logic (LVSTL) I/O interface that was originally meant to be the standard specification for LPDDR4 DRAM as proposed by Samsung to JEDEC. We are looking at a data transfer rate per pin of 3,200 megabits per second (Mbps), which is double the amount of the 20nm-class LPDDR3 DRAM that is currently being mass produced. In a nutshell, the new LPDDR4 interface offers up to 50% additional performance compared to the fastest LPDDR3 or DDR3 memory, all the while consuming around 40% less energy at 1.1 volts. When will the first generation of smartphones feature such memory? Only time will tell, and we await with bated breath.

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hunfi Says: January 1, 2014 at 9:04 am

Is this comparable to the kind of DDR3L memory, which will be currently used HP for the first fanless Haswell based Tablet / Convertible “Spectre x2”?

Most other vendors will provide only Tablets with fans and huge noises.

So we will hopefully see some new tablets with outstanding 10hrs battery cycles.

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