LUN Pods act like tea candles, but have no chance of burning your house down


LUN Pods

When you want to have a night in, nothing makes for better ambiance than lighting a few candles. They cast a soft, warm glow on everything that puts your mind at ease. This is truly a perfect pairing for a movie, warm blanket, and hot cocoa or a glass of wine. Their lifespan sometimes seems regrettably short though, and if they’re not placed strategically out of your way, they can toss wax on everything.

If you enjoy their effect, but don’t want them to go out prematurely or be knocked from where they were placed, then the LUN Pods might better serve you. They are small, closed pods made of a satin finished metal, and frosted glass that will flicker like flames once turned on. That being said, there’s no switch to turn them on as you merely shake it lightly, and it will turn itself on or off. You will have to deal with losing the small measure of warmth an actual candle will provide, but that may be less of an issue if you have enough blankets and sweaters lying around.

They come with an unobtrusive charging ring that looks like it could be part of the display. Once charged though, you can move them wherever you’d like, and they should stay lit for some time (the length of time they will stay alight on one charge isn’t listed). Purchasing a set of three of these will cost you around $62, which should work out fine if you use them enough to make it worthwhile. Although they’re probably not child-proof, they’re much safer than an open flame.

Available for purchase on Unikia

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