Easiest to Read Scale is easy on the eyes


easy-to-read-scaleAs we grow older, our eyes too, start to get dim – at least for some of us. This would mean having to wear a pair of steel rimmed glasses that will hopefully go along with the shape of your face in a nice manner. Not only that, we too, will have to take better care of our health, being more careful when walking around and moving about. This would mean getting the necessary amount of exercise as well as vitamins and nutrition in our daily diet, and to keep track of our weight so that we do not end up being way too heavy. The $79.95 Easiest to Read Scale might be just the cup of tea for those who are looking for a brand new scale in the home.

The name of the Easiest to Read Scale itself gives the game away – it is a scale that comes in an extremely large numerical display, so much so that one does not need a pair of glasses to read it, and neither do you need to put your eyes through the squinting process. Just how large are the numbers on the LCD display? We are looking at a whopping 2.4” in height, which is basically the largest available, and they will show up for several seconds after you step off the large platform. It will also be power efficient, turning itself on and off automatically in order to conserve battery life (three AA batteries). A quartet of high-precision sensors located in the base will pave the way for accurate readings for each weigh-in, with a maximum 330-lb. capacity.

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