Toshiba announces USB adapter for TransferJet technology


transferjet-adapterThe folks over at Toshiba must be on to a good thing here – they have just announced an adapter which will be able to play nice with the TransferJet close proximity wireless transfer technology, and not only that, this particular adapter will also feature an USB 2.0 interface that makes it compatible with a whole lot more devices. This particular adapter is already on sale in Japan at various electronics retail stores, and will arrive in a couple of models – one with a Micro-B-type connector that is more often than not found in modern day smartphones, while the other happens to be a Type A connector that is commonly used when it comes to the world of personal computers. Either way, folks using both devices are more than used to seeing either one of them in action.

Toshiba has big plans for this particular adapter, where they hope to use it when it comes to exchanging image and video files between a smartphone and a personal computer, not to mention the ability to do so between a couple of smartphones to boot. Toshiba is also mulling over the very real possibility of using it when it comes to kiosk terminals, so that interested parties will be able to purchase video files at such kiosk terminals, as well as transferring such image files to printers sometime down the road.

So far, no manufacturer’s suggested retail price has been put forward, although there has been speculation going around that the expected retail prices of the Micro-B and Type A models happen to be ¥4,000 to ¥5,000 (approximately $38 to $48, respectively, and you will also be able to pick them up as a set from ¥8,000 to ¥9,000. We are all for a greater level of connectivity between devices, and just so you have an idea on how speedy file transfer speeds are with TransferJet, we are looking at a maximum transfer rate is 560Mbps (effective transfer rate: 375Mbps) over a range of 3cm, now how about that?

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