Temperfect Mug ensures you have the perfect cuppa, every single time


temperfectThere is nothing quite like sipping on your favorite beverage first thing in the morning, with your favorite breakfast menu laid out before you. The thing about coffee and tea is this, you only have a certain window period where you can get the best taste at the right temperature, before it starts to get all cold. Well, with the Temperfect Mug, it is the ideal tool for you to own in order to enjoy your hot beverage for hours on end, all without having to burn your mouth ever again. The Temperfect Mug is the ideal home “appliance” that is the brainchild of hot beverage experts Dean Verhoeven and Logan Maxwell.

You know what they say – necessity is the mother of all invention, and having been frustrated with the inability to drink a lovingly brewed coffee right after making it, only to be greeted with a cold sip afterwards, the Temperfect Mug was invented. Basically, the whole idea of this particular mug is to take the excess heat out of the coffee which is way too hot, stash that heat in the wall of the mug, and then follow up by using it to ensure that the coffee remains at a pleasant drinking temperature. All of this is made possible thanks to the additional layer of insulation thrown into the mix.

This particular additional insulation layer will be able to absorb the excess heat from your drink, where it will then be able to bring it up to a comfortable temperature in a jiffy. The stored heat will subsequently be released slowly into your drink, ensuring that the temperature remains just right. The Temperfect Mug is a labor of love, as it took months of calculation and modeling to complete, before another 15 years of making, testing, and improving prototypes. Now this is real dedication that we’re talking about!

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