The ToastyMUG will make the winter seem a little less intimidating


During the winter months, it’s hard to keep your spirits up after the holiday season is over. No more brightly colored lights, events to attend with friends, all the trees are barren, and only gray skies float overhead. Our only focus now is to try and enjoy wearing winter garb to fight the cold, and drink hot beverages. More than once, we have all clung tightly to our mugs of tea, coffee, or cocoa in a sad attempt to absorb some of the warmth.

If you’d rather have a mug that was actually making an effort to warm you up, then you might look towards the ToastyMUG. This will not only hold your heated drinks, but will also cover your fingers completely with ceramic. Undoubtedly, once you pour in a piping hot liquid, the whole cup will obtain heat, and wrap your hands in a hug.

This comes in either green or gray, and is handmade in Italy, so there will be slight discrepancies between each mug. Of course, this being an innovative idea and handmade to boot, its $60 price tag shouldn’t be too surprising. While this may be a bit awkward to hold, it may just become one of those comfort items you seek out in the dreary cold months. Can’t you just imagine reading a good book in a fuzzy blanket with this in your hand (because I certainly can)?

Available for purchase on sabrinafossi, found via bookofjoe

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