TITIN Force Weighted Workout Shirt will start your path to becoming a super saiyan


TITIN Weighted Workout Shirt
While we may only be human, we are capable of what seem like super-human abilities. Of course, this only comes with a lot of training or practice. If you’re wanting super strength for example, then you’re going to need to be pumping irons or wrestling bears every day.

Should you be in the situation where those tasks are so easy that they’re boring now, then you might want to consider something like the TITIN Force Weighted Workout Shirt. This would put you into the same sort of training that Goku from the DragonBall series went through. He may have that whole ‘being from another planet’ thing on his side, but never let that stop you from thinking you could take him on with one arm some day.

Regardless of your reasoning, this would certainly bolster your workout to a new level. It would increase the resistance to improve your agility, balance, and vertical leap. This was made with a odor and stain blocking material which also has moisture wicking. It will cost you anywhere from $225-250, and won’t restrict your muscle movement thanks to the careful placement of the weights on this shirt. You can even remove the gels to heat or chill them for post-workout relief. You won’t be able to blast out a Kamehameha, but you’ll certainly be a lot stronger.

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