LG set to introduce new AV lineup at CES 2014


lg-avLG happens to be one of the bigger vendors over on the CES showfloor in recent years, and you can be sure that their collection of the latest advancements in consumer electronics are guaranteed to wow – most of the time, at least. It will also be the same with next year’s edition of CES – which is happening in just a fortnight’s time, actually. One area that LG intends to showcase would be their most recent audio video lineup, where it will include the highly acclaimed, space-saving SoundPlate (Model LAB540W), the innovative Wireless Audio System (Model NP8740) and the sleek, aesthetically striking Sound Bar (Model NB5540).

First of all, the LG SoundPlate, also known as the LAB540W, will be the most recent arrival when it comes to the category of slim audio devices that will keep company your flat screen TV in your living room. It measures a mere 3.95cm above is base, where it is extremely space efficient, allowing you to place it right under a range of flat screen TVs, from 32” to 55”, helping you minimize clutter at the same time keeping your home looking neat and tidy all the time. Apart from that, there is also a robust 4.1 channel, 320 watt sound system as well as an external wireless subwoofer to keep your ears pounding.

As for the LG Wireless Audio System, this particular innovation allows users to select from virtually limitless home audio configurations. Just how is this made possible? Pixie dust? Not really, but it will fall back on the most recent mesh network technology instead that boasts of dual band Wi-Fi support (2.4/5GHz), allowing it to deliver high quality streaming music throughout the home. Apart from producing rich sound with clarity and depth, it will also be able to send the sound out in multiple directions.

As for the Sound Bar, it will be the perfect match for modern thin-bezel TVs, courtesy of its minimalist design as well as polished dark silver finish. This particular model would arrive with 4.1 channels and 320 watts of powerful output. Do not be fooled by its low profile body, as the NB5540 packs a punch, delivering rich, room-filling audio courtesy of a couple of forward-facing and two rear-facing channel configuration.

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