DrumPants will let you jam wherever you are


If you’ve ever been even slightly musically inclined, then the chances are very high that you’ve drummed out a beat on the table or your leg. This doesn’t really mean anything to anyone but you, as you’re the only one who knows what each percussive strike means in terms of the song playing in your head. However, when inspiration strikes, you can’t just let it flutter away.

If you want to turn your musical thoughts into the sounds of instruments, then the DrumPants can help you realize a song, no matter where you are. These are a wearable musical instrument that you put on underneath your clothing, meaning they can go wherever you do. You can jam out in the car with your friends, at home, or at a party.

This kit has over 100 sounds already built-in, and will allow you to control apps wirelessly. Of course, as it has Bluetooth capabilities, it can also control other aspects of your phone or desktop such as answer calls, go through slide shows, or control MIDI. It’s just two drum pad sensor strips, and ultra-thin Velcro that can easily attach and detach itself from pretty much any clothing. They can pair up with most smartphone devices, and will cost you around $200+. This would be a great way to start children on percussive instruments so handing them a full-fledged drum set doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Not only that, but it won’t drive their parents batty from having to listen to offbeat attempts.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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