Zeus Vehicle Cleaning Multi-Tool gets the job done hassle-free


zeusSome folks absolutely love winter, while others loathe it, with yet another group feeling non-chalant about the situation. The thing is, each season has its fair share of beauty as well as down side to it, and with winter, plenty of cleaning needs to be done – to get rid of the snow on the sidewalk, the slosh on your boots, the list goes on and on. With the $29.99 Zeus Vehicle Cleaning Multi-Tool, at least it will be able to help you out somewhat in your daily cleaning chores – those that concern the other source of pride and joy in your life, of course, which is your ride.

For instance, the Zeus would feature shovel, brush, and ice scraper functions that make it ideal for winter situations. The wide shovel sports an ergonomic handle that allows it to deliver some serious snow removal, and all of the various features can be easily broken down in a neat manner so that it can be stashed away without a problem at all. Made out of high-impact plastic, the shovel head can be flipped over to become an oversized ice scraper, and the grip sports reflective ends so that you remain visible while digging out.

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