Rechargeable Snow Blower makes life easier during winter


snow-blowerYou know what they say – the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. How any people do you know wish that they stay in an area where snow is in abundance? For folks who happen to live in such an area, you know the hassle of life when it snows really hard, and nearly every single day during winter to boot. A snow blower would make plenty of sense actually, which is why you might want to check out the $599.95 Rechargeable Snow Blower.

The Rechargeable Snow Blower is touted to be the only snow blower which will be powered by a rechargeable battery, hence doing away with the need to refill a gas tank, or perhaps to untangle a power cord. A 40-volt lithium-ion battery would run proceedings fro within, where this emission-free, environmentally friendly blower can throw powder for up to 40 minutes at a stretch before exhausting its battery reserves. It works best in clearing out small outdoor spaces like a patio or walkway, where the single-stage blower is more than capable of handling 10″ high drifts and clear an 18″ wide path in a single pass. Want to do all of the snow clearing after dark? Not a problem, since the blower features a bright LED headlight that makes it a snap to do so even when the sun has gone down.

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