Pyle Audio offers Bluetooth Fitness Scale for your home


pyle-audio-scaleI am quite sure that by now, you would have realized that not all scales at home are the same. Some folks still settle for the ordinary spring mechanism in the scale, where an analog needles tells you just how much more weight do you need to lose (or muscle to gain, depending on your fitness regime at that point in time), while others prefer something more accurate like a digital weighing scale. In fact, the digital weighing scale has gotten a whole lot more complicated over the years, gaining plenty of functionality along the way, and Pyle Audio’s Bluetooth Fitness Scale is a perfect example of that.

Pyle Audio’s traditional strength had always been in outdoor recreational sports gear and home, car and pro audio equipment, and this time around, their Bluetooth Fitness Scale is something worth checking out, especially when you are in the market at the moment to pick up a bathroom scale since the one at home has broken down. The Bluetooth Fitness Scale comes with an integrated app which was specially designed to provide the most critical data points for any workout regimen, where among these will include body fat, hydration levels, muscle level and bone level percentages.

Using it is a snap and a no-brainer, as all that you need to do is to step on it, and the Bluetooth Fitness Scale will do all the hard calculation work for you. Apart from that, the choice of colors that are available should keep any detailed oriented person more than happy since it comes in black, grey, green, pink or orange, retailing for $59.99 a pop. It has been designed with a tempered glass surface, allowing it to effectively distribute weight evenly across the scale. Not only that, if you have yet to agree with the universal adoption of the metric system, then the Bluetooth Fitness Scale is your cup of tea since it also does measurements in pounds and stones.

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