When all else fails, give the Gift of Nothing


The Gift of Nothing
We all have at least one person in our lives who says they have everything they could want when it comes to holiday gift-giving items. As their friend, you still want to show them that they mean something to you, so you write a card or try and think of a swell gift even though they didn’t want anything. More often than not, they already have all the practical items they could ever ask for, as well as the frivolous stuff.

The best way to go at that point is usually by way of joke-gifting. It doesn’t need to be useful, because it’s only meant for a momentary laugh. So if you still want to hand them something with wrapping paper on it, why not give them the Gift of Nothing? Keep in mind that I’m not talking about just any old nothing either. This is some clean-cut, professional-looking packaging that contains a big, heaping helping of nada, zip, and zilch.

It will work wonderfully as a gift meant only for a momentary giggle, but you have to have enough money to think $6 is worth this sort of joke. The item itself costs less than a dollar, but shipping is what jacks up the price. The only purpose it will serve is as a conversation starter on your bookshelf, but it will have fond memories attached to it. Well, assuming you have the right connotation when giving it.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via Technabob

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