The Key Keeper will save your stuff from scratches, and make you lose your keys


Key Keeper
The single best way to find your keys if they are lost in the abyss of your bag is to shake it until you hear jingling. Of course, this also means you’re going to be scratching metal against anything else that you may be keeping in there. If you have items that might be prone to scuffing, then you might want something that will subdue the aggressive nature of your keys.

If you don’t have a separate compartment or smaller pouch for your keys, then the Key Keeper will help you to keep things organized and looking new. It is a very simple, yet effective idea which can save the screen of your delicate gadgets and gizmos from being beaten up. These are little rectangles of silicone that will fit just about any key shape.

They have a hole at the top so you can still attach them to your key ring, and when you want to unlock the door, just press it into the key slot. The silicone will push back enough for the key to go in, and will cover the key again once you’re finished with the task at hand. These come in a variety of colors, which is very handy for color coding your keys. Getting a set of three of these will cost you around $24, but you’re likely going to want more depending on how many you carry around. It will make your key ring heavier, and you won’t be able to use echolocation to find your keys anymore, but it’ll be up to you to decide the pros and cons.

Available for purchase on IPPINKA, found via redferret

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