The Modernist Pencil Sharpener might make you excited to draw again


iDraw Modernist Pencil Sharpener

Have you ever had a blank piece of paper in front of you with a perfectly sharpened pencil in your hand? Knowing you have an open canvas on which you can create literally whatever you’d like is a very freeing feeling. Of course, as your put graphite to paper, you’ll eventually need to resharpen it. Chances are pretty high that you have a cheap plastic sharpener laying around that does the job just fine, but you’re always left with a mess of shavings everywhere.

If you’re wanting to look overtly professional as you whip out your expensive drawing utensils, then you’ll likely want to have high-quality accessories as well. The iDraw Modernist Pencil Sharpener is a rechargeable pencil sharpener that is made out of premium materials. It’s compact, portable, and charges via USB, so it’s not too hard to find a cable that will do the trick.

The body of this fancy tool is a sandblasted aluminum with an anodized finish to make sure it’s a bit more durable. There is a sliding door which will release all of the shavings trapped inside. While this means you won’t be putting them directly on the floor, it does mean you’ll want to find a trashcan to toss these in every once in a while. Not to mention you’ll want to make sure you don’t jam it up with wood bits. This will cost you anywhere from $40-65, and comes in either a rechargeable electric or a manual hand-cranked version (for those of you that don’t want to worry about having one more thing to charge).

Available for crowdfunding via Kickstarter

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