PartyStarter Bluetooth Speaker has Synchronized Lights for awesome dance parties


Everyone loves a little ambiance, and there are those who go a bit further out of their way to give a little extra ‘something’ to an experience. For example, you may have a friend who throws house parties that could rival any big city dance club. If instead of attending those parties, you would like to start throwing them, you’re going to need the right tools to provide that sort of atmosphere.

The PartyStarter Bluetooth Speaker will enhance your party experience 10 fold. It’s a Bluetooth speaker and lighting combination that is essentially a modern-day disco ball. This can pair up with any sort of smartphone or tablet so long as it has the proper capabilities. It has a standard eighth inch aux input, and will synchronize the lights with the beat.

Not even five inches tall, it is very compact, and will need to be placed strategically to provide the maximum effect. This will only last for about an hour and a half with the lights and music on, or three hours of music only. When recharging, you’ll need to have the lights turned off for it to juice up. It will cost you $50, which seems excessive since it won’t last as long as your party will on one charge (assuming that your party will exceed 2 hours). Not only that, but you also won’t be able to have it going full blast when it’s plugged in, so it’s a lose-lose.

Available on ThinkGeek

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