Ostrich Pillow Light will let you power nap anywhere


Ostrich Pillow Light
What is the thing that we all want more of, but can never have? If you sang out ‘time’ with the rest of the world, then go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. We’re all flying through life by the seat of our pants, and things are only becoming faster and faster paced. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re becoming healthier or happier, but a lot of things are definitely getting done. While we all could use a nap now and then, finding a good spot to do so is a pretty difficult task.

If you wish you could just doze off at a moment’s notice, then you might like the idea of the Ostrich Pillow Light. It’s predecessor is the Ostrich Pillow, but it was just too big for those of us that like to pack a little lighter on a day to day basis. This Light version is just enough to give you the sensory deprivation that you need to doze off peacefully.

It’s extremely lightweight and portable, and fits just like a scarf would. It’s made of a Viscose/Elastomer blend with a bunch of Micro polystyrene beads inside. These are all handcrafted in Spain, and have an adjustable opening so your head will fit through. You won’t be able to stick this in with the wash, and it’s recommended you just spot clean it with soap and water. This will cost you around $55, and is certainly a step up from the U-shaped neck pillows that usually fail to do their job correctly.

Available on Firebox

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