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prijectorFor those who have ever worked with hooking up a laptop to a projector or TV screen when it comes to making a presentation, the experience might not be a pleasant one. It is more often than not the issue of guessing which cable you should use, or the right input button to push, as well as setting the correct resolution so that your eyes will not suffer in the long term or otherwise, that raises up the blood pressure. What if there was an easier way of doing things, especially for the uninitiated? This is where the Prijector comes in handy, having the privilege of being the first wireless presentation device for conference rooms that will be able to handle common projection problems that so many have encountered over the years when setting up a presentation.

The Prijector is available already as at press time, where it will hook up directly to your TV or to any other projector of your choice. This would ensure that folks will be able to perform a presentation sans wires from any laptop or mobile. Apart from that, it will also play nice with a myriad of operating systems, including running on the Mac or PC, while being able to handle projection from both iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, now how about that? Apart from that, the Prijector will also be able to double up as a guest wireless hotspot, so that those seated near it will be able to get some surfing in the safe way without requiring a password to access the network.

All it takes to achieve instant and wireless presentation would be a simple click of the ‘Share’ button from any laptop or mobile device, and from the sounds of it, it will not be too difficult at all, even for the first time user. Sporting a Plug & Play methodology, the Prijector will connect to either TV screens or projectors via HDMI or VGA. Once connected, instructions on screen will being to help you share your presentations in no time at all. Expec the Prijector to retail for $199 a pop.

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CarpePM Says: December 13, 2013 at 7:46 am

1st off, they are NOT the “worlds first wireless presentation device.” They’ve been around for years. Secondly, it HAS to have a wired internet connection to work – even if you already have the application on your device (according to a chat session I had with them). Lastly, Although they state it’s “secure,” given that it must be connected to the internet, “secure” becomes a relative term. Close but, not quite the answer to corporate conference room A/V connections. Probably fine for the average “I wanna see YouTube on my big TV” user.

Prij Says: December 19, 2013 at 3:18 am

This is a cool device. I am using this device for the past month and you can share your screen wirelessly with the TV or projector…And you DO NOT need any internet connectivity for it to work.

What this means is I can come over to my conference room, turn on my laptop and click a share button to share content. And I dont need internet for this!!

I make a lot of presentations and teach students too. And since it’s a small device, I take it with me. So far so good. It’s definitely a good device.

scotchadam Says: January 4, 2014 at 7:43 am

I recently received my project; it is a terrible product for the following reasons. I encourage everyone not to buy it.
1. Manufactured guaranteed by email and phone that the product would arrive before Christmas, it did not arrive until January 2. Christmas letdown.
2. When the product arrive the postman required me to pay an additional $30 cash on deliver although I had already paid for the product in full
3. The item came in plan packaging not the colourful packaging shown on the website.
4. The electrical plug that goes into the wall is a European connection not North American so I had to buy an extra $20 adaptor at the local hardware store just to plug in the Prijector
5. The product itself does not look like the product on the website, what I got looks very homemade and ugly.
6. The remote control is very cheap and did not come with batteries, extra expense required.
7. The product claims to be plug and play but I had to fool around with it for a long time before I could the projector to sort of work.
8. The video is very slow and intermittent, I cannot use the projector to watch video. This is why I bought the product.
9. I ca not figure out how to get sound to transfer using the Prijector
10. The internet does not work wirelessly, a cable is required, I will have to spend more money to install a internet connection near my TV making the product essentially useless.

The Prijector is a piece of crap; I encourage everyone not to buy it.

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