TokyoFlash Kisai Spider Acetate is a weaver of time


Spiders are both helpful and terrifying. While they may be tiny, the view most people have of them is that they are capable of jumping 20 feet and killing you in a single bite (thanks Hollywood!). However, one thing almost all spiders share in common is that they create something really beautiful, and that would be a web. You’ll see them all over the place. While it is supposed to be a deathtrap to catch unsuspecting victims, it is nice to look at.

If you want your timepiece to have all the visual glory of a spider web without having to worry about its creator coming to sit on it, then you might enjoy the TokyoFlash Kisai Spider Acetate watch. It is a tad on the chunky side, but has a see-through face where the time is displayed. This creation was made to make it look as though time is suspended in the air. As it is often the case with TokyoFlash watches, this is difficult to read until explained. The two outermost rings are your hour indicators, and the two innermost are the minutes.

At night, there are LED lights which will allow you to see the hovering time. The wrist strap and casing only come in white, but the digits can come in blue, red, green, or black. This will cost you around $109 should you be in the market for a new watch. Keep in mind that this only comes in stark white, and will be very hard to keep clean.

Available for purchase on TokyoFlash

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