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There are plenty of occasions where you might want to get a video of yourself. Whether it be a teacher recording a lecture. An aspiring singer that wants to “see” their own performance. Some kids practicing school presentations. A couple wanting to dabble in making a… well, you get the idea. Recording yourself can be awkward at best, and sometimes there simply isn’t anyone around to capture the action for you.

Welcome the Swivl, allowing you to easily record yourself, and follow your actions, using a nifty wireless marker. While recording, you just need to hold the marker, clip it to your clothes, or in the event that clothes are not available, you can wear it around your neck for both optimum sound quality, and fabulous image capture. The marker also allows you to start and stop your recording from almost anywhere in the room.

If you always wanted to shoot great looking videos of yourself with your iPhone or iPod Touch, this is the gadget for you. Using the specially designed marker device, and the included swiveling base, your iDevice will now be able to automatically follow you horizontally, vertically and it’ll provide your “show” with fantastic sound quality.

Swivl lets you you keep yourself in the picture, even with no one behind the camera. Just pair the wireless marker with the base, and connect your device and start shooting. The Swivl Complete Personal Cameraman base will smoothly follow your every move up to 33 feet away. It goes 360 degrees horizontally, 10 degrees down, and 20 degrees up vertically.

So the next time you want to watch yourself on screen, or make your next FaceTime chat a professional video event, or simply give that special someone the perfect Christmas present, head over to amazon.com and get the Swivl Personal Cameraman, for under 200 bucks. I’m ready for my close up!

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