The Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap is like will hug away your stress


Neck and shoulder heated wrap
Whether you have a labor-intensive job or have to sit at a desk all day, your muscles can and will ache. For those of us who are a tad more sedentary in our day-to-day, particularly the muscles in the neck and shoulders are a cause of major discomfort. We can deal with this through stretching, taking a hot bath, or using heat wraps. The only problem with the latter of those options is that they don’t normally cover everything at once, and can only help about a square or a rectangle of space at a time.

If you’d prefer a more complete wrap, then the Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap from Hammacher will likely do the trick. It will feel similar to someone coming from behind you and wrapping their arms around your shoulders for a hug. It has weighted edges so it will stay in place, and is made of 100% polyester microplush, which means it will be super soft to the touch.

It is wired, and has a controller which will allow you to adjust your temperature to one of four different levels. A common fear is that this sort of product will cause problems if left on too long. Thankfully this comes with a two-hour auto-off setting so nothing bad has a chance to happen. Well, nothing that could be the inventor’s fault anyway. It plugs into a standard outlet, and has nine feet of cord which means you’ll have plenty of space to find a comfortable spot and still be plugged in. The pad is machine-washable, and the whole kit and caboodle will cost you around $70.

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