Intoxicase – iPhone Protection, Bottle Opener and Beer Counter in One



I keep scouring the Internet for some unique little presents for a few friends that just hand out gag gifts. You know the ones, you’ve been friends forever, but you never did do the traditional gift exchange. I have to say that people expect a little bit more from me, with the whole coolest gadgets thing. I think I found a winner this year.

Check out the Intoxicase, as the name suggests its a delightful mash-up of a durable iPhone case, and a drinking app. Made of a sturdy polycarbonate, the Intoxicase not only protects your iPhone 5, but also incorporates a collapsible bottle opener located on the back of the unit, specifically for your bottle popping pleasure.

The wonders of the Intoxicase don’t end there, as the associated app will count your bottle-openings and keep tabs on how many brews you’ve thrown back, posts your impressive ale slugging achievements to your social networking sites, and will even call you a cab should things get out of hand.

The Intoxicase comes in black, and fits your iPhone 5 (with 4 and 4S versions available as well) and you can get them at for only around 13 bucks. So, get each of your friends one, with a six pack of their favorite malt beverage, and you’ve got an instant party on your hands. Cheers!

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