EC Technology iPhone 4 Case is more than meets the eye



There are a few items which we deem necessary to carry around throughout the day. This normally consists of cards, cash, your phone, and keys. While the best means we have to keep them all together is our pockets or a bag, wouldn’t it be nice if they were all kept neatly together and readily available for use?

The EC Technology iPhone 4 Case is everything you could hope for. This not only has a classy look and feel, but plays the part of both a wallet and a phone protector. It is a handmade, genuine leather case that fits the 4 or 4S perfectly in a book-style covering. The front flap acts as your wallet, capable of holding your ID and cards, with a slot for cash as well. There’s even a clear area so you can have your bus pass readily available in the mornings.

As there is quite a bit of covering, this handles drops quite well, and protects your phone from scratches. There are a variety of color and pattern options available. It comes with a camera cutout so you can still snap photos and use your flash. It will cost you only around $16-30, and is well worth it. As someone who owns one of these cases, I will warn you that you’ll need to remove it from the case when taking a call, unless you want to hit buttons with your face. The sensor is too far away to recognize that your cheek is against it because of how thick the leather is. It is a tad annoying, but is too useful and beautiful for it to be a real nuisance.

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Ec iphone book case inside view

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