The Swann Doorphone will show who comes rapping, tapping, at your door


Swann Doorphone
You don’t get many door-to-door salespeople anymore. They know it’s an annoyance, and a rather large waste of time on both ends. However, we all still get the occasional stranger on our doorstep. If you’re a bit more paranoid than most, you likely want a way to assess the situation before you even open the door.

Many apartment buildings are equipped with an audio/video system that will let you see more than a distorted peephole view of who has come to stop by. The Swann Doorphone Video Intercom will let you see and hear whoever is at the door, no matter what time of day or night. During the daylight hours, you’ll be able to see everything in color on a 3.5” LCD screen. At night it switches to black and white for night vision which will give you visuals for about 13 feet away.

While it says that it’s weather resistant, it really means that it should be under a roof of some sort. It will work in temperatures as low as 14 and as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but if it gets soaked or frozen you might be out of luck. If you’re interested in this sort of thing, it’ll put you in the price range of $130-150 depending on where you look. This is super easy to install, and comes with a 50ft cable, so you should have no problem accessing an outlet somewhere near the front door.

Available for purchase on bhphotovideo, found via thegeekchurch

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